Paint Gun Party

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Want the Best Birthday Party Ever?

Paint Gun Party will supplying you with all of the Paint and Party Supplies You'll need to throw an awsome Paint Party for your kids (even if those kids are in college). Your kids will go absolutely crazy with joy when you present them with this new fun backyard paint gun party game.

Its pretty simple...We make the perfect washable neon paint and put it into containers that can be directly loaded into our guns. Just take out of the box, load up, and start your fun. Please note that this product is intended for use either outdoors or backyard lawns, or indoors in areas protected using a protective layer of plastic or other substrate.

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Washable Party Paint

  • Party Paint Glows Under Black Light
    Fluorescent paint is made specifically for washability and glows bright under black light
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  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236
    Our Paint is Certified by Duke University's Labratory
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Fluorescent Blacklight Paint


Fun for all of the Kids

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Let the Kids Put on some T-Shirts and Watch them Smile